Study and
building relationships with
“Smart energy Hvaler”

The challenge

Norway is in the midst of a global energy-economy transition that will impact every community in the country. Some communities are taking the lead to show how this transition can be made into opportunities for community development.

Hvaler Kommune has invested three years on concerted effort to learn and demonstrate how to achieve economic, social and environmental community development with it Solar Park, SMART Islands and National Park initiatives – funded by ENOVA and NCE (Norwegian Centers of Expertise) and partnering with Fredrikstad Energi. Hvaler, ENOVA and NCE have reason to support the spread, adoption and adaptation of Hvaler’s experience throughout Norway and internationally.

Kragerø Kommune is in a prime position to cost-effectively take full advantage of Hvaler’s experience, and show the way to intelligent, localized adoption and adaptation by other commune.

Our solution

Perlen-intiativet (Perlen) is studying the whether and how Kragerø, in partnership with Hvaler, can implement a demonstration project for the rapid, cost-effective adoption and localized adaptation of innovative ‘best practices’ that support environmental, economic and social development in a time of energy-economic transition. This is in the interests of both kommune, and ENOVA and NCE, as well as all other communities interested in finding the fastest, easiest, least expensive, most localized ways to benefit from ‘best practices’ demonstrated by others.

Perlen is arranging an unofficial preliminary study visit to Hvaler to consider the feasibility of such a project, and to begin developing working relationships. Based on this initial exploration, Perlen will propose to the Kragerø Kommune that a formal study project be organized, with the official support and engagement of the Kommune, as well as from a full complement of representatives from key stakeholder groups within Kragerø.

The future is now

We want to be leaders in the Green Shift

We go on our first field trip to Hvaler in









Contact initiated



Days since project start

Number of participants

Hvaler is a shining example


Hvaler municipal supporting facilities of up to 3 KW with kr. 2500 and construction of 3 KW and up with kr. 3500

Residental -and cottage owners

Subsidies for solar panels is to those who have residence or cottage in Hvaler with up to 2 units


The facility must be affiliated with the electricity grid through a plus customer agreement

  • Response
  • Progress
  • Possibilities
  • Potential success in Kragerø

The response has been fantastic

Hvaler has now installed close to 70 solar sites . “The people pack” is the result of collaboration between Smart Energy Whales and industry players. They now want to offer “people pack” with 2kW and 3kW which is ideal for homes and cottages in normal consumption. Enova introduced from 1 January 2015, support for acquisition of local energy production, including to sun and wind. It provides a better economy for you.

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