The Pearl-Initiative

Perlen-initiativet is a non-profit local association encouraging, linking, coordinating and supporting an array of public and private initiatives that are directly related to our theme of ‘sustaining the good life in a changing world.’ Such Perlen-supported initiatives are self-led by their own stakeholders, and rely on their own funding efforts.

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Quotes about The Pearl-initiative

We place great emphasis on listening to all input

“Kragerø is constructively facing the challenges of an emerging future – treating them as opportunities to sustain and enhance the good life we have here.

Perlen-initiativet is here to encourage the community engagement, inspired visioning, and focused action that are needed to turn these opportunities into positive realities.”


Brad Matthews

CEO of the Pearl-initiative

“The term ‘environmental problems’ can be misleading. Such challenges are ours to solve as citizens, politicians and businesses in our communities and in society at large. I believe in change through creativity and positive examples.

We will see dramatic environmental improvements in a short time, if we rethink and simultaneously cultivate the best in local nature and culture.”

Per-Erik Schulze

Marine biologist, environmental activist, leader of the MDG party, member of the Kommune Council

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